Medical Vendor Day in Port Angeles – Dec. 29.

Medical Vendor Day in Port Angeles. 40% off all Skagit Organics products with medical card and 30% off without card. Kristen Williams, DOH-certified medicalcannabis consultant, will be on-site inPort Angeles from 2pm-5pm to answer all your questions.

10 Gift Ideas for Stoners

Gift ideas for stoners.

Shopping for someone that loves cannabis? We got you covered. Finding the right Christmas gift for a loved one who enjoys weed could be challenging. For this reason, we have put together this list of  10 gift ideas for stoners.  #1 Puffco Peak Pro The Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology. […]

Focus V – CARTA 2

Focus V-Carta 2

A NEW ERA OF PORTABLE DABBING Focus V resides at the cutting edge of technology with a smart rig geared towards the future. The CARTA 2 boasts a larger atomizer with a 360° heating element & optimized airflow. An OLED screen displays everything you need to know in real time. The new mobile app allows […]

Puffco – The Guardian (Limited Edition)

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro

The Guardian is a limited edition Puffco Peak Pro, the highest standard for concentrate consumption technology. Featuring a chrome aluminum alloy band, metallic transparent silicone base and Art Deco style glass, the Guardian Peak Pro comes with our innovative 3D Chamber which helps to preserve the quality of the oil. Offering unparalleled customization and real-time […]

Holloweed Sale – Running All October

Holloweed Sale

HITZ vape carts $12 HITZ hash $12 Novo dia 1g $5 Novo dia indoor 8ths $15 Novo dia 7g $30 Novo dia 14g $60 Six fifths rosin 50% off All phat panda 8ths $20 Redbird 14g only $55 All Rosin 40% off All rso 40% off Diamond death thca $20 Phat panda joints $4 28pk […]

September Specials

Diamond Death THCA $25 $17 Dabstract Vape Carts $50 $35 Pacific NW Rootz Rosin 50% off (Pink Lemonade, PBJ, Kush Mintx BX) Tasties 8th $25 $15 and 7g $45 $27 Cookies $55 $32 Limited Strains (Tangeray, Lemonato, Cheetah Piss, White Runtz, Day Day, Emergency, Georgia Pie, Gelato 42) the rest of the strains are $55 […]

710 National Dab Day Deals

Cedar Creek Dabs$30 $15 Sugar Wax Dabs Kush Family$20 $10 Cured Resin Dabs Canna Organix$45 $27 Dabs$35 $21 Distillate Syringes$30 $18 CBD Crystalline Avalanche$20 $12 RSO Dabstract Dabs$30 $17Live Resin Carts $50 $30 Dank CzarRSO Syringe $20 $12 Dessert DabsLive Resin $45 $17 Emerald Mountain$30 $18 Gold FingerInfused Joints $13 $9 Hazy DazeBlunts $16 $10 […]


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