Lifted Cannabis

Growing this high quality cannabis takes a lot of hard work and experience. Breeding new strains that are unique, in demand, and different from others, is even harder. Lifted is setting themselves up as a legitimate cannabis brand by doing both. Earlier this year they released their Lifted Luxury Line, a collection of in-house crosses exclusive to their garden. At a price point slightly higher than their signature line, it’s definitely worthy once you try one of their unique crosses.

Because of the popularity with Wedding Cake early on, they’ve devoted their attention to crossing Wedding Cake with other strains they’re known for like Rocket Fuel (Jet Fuel x Face Off OG). The result of crossing these two fantastic strains is an interesting hybrid named Elon Musky. Full of diesel and cake flavor, it’s like the parents were equally split 50/50 in the genetics. Same goes for the effects, starts with the Rocket Fuel soaring uplift, but starts to coast once the Wedding Cake settles in. Typically one parent will come through a lot more than the other in a new strain, these crosses are different though! Each cross somehow represent the best traits of both parents. Talk about selective breeding!

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