Puffco: Why Concentrates?

“Dabbing” or concentrate consumption can be seen as complicated or intimidating to new users, and we need your help to set the record straight. The world of concentrates has so much to offer both new and existing users alike.

Concentrates Only!

All Puffco products are solely intended for concentrate use because we believe concentrates are the future of cannabis.

Strictly the Best.

Cannabis concentrates (aka Hash oil) are extracted from the plant in order to isolate the most desirable parts of the plant, while removing impurities.
You wouldn’t just bite into the side of an orange, you peel away the undesirable layers to get to the most enjoyable part, and the same applies to cannabis for us.
Concentrates contain strictly the most useful, potent, and flavorful elements.

Endless Possibilities.

There is an entire world of amazing cannabis concentrates out there to explore (Budder, badder, crumble, sugar, wax, sauce, rosin, and more). All of which offer different flavor profiles and experiences. New users will need your help in guiding them down this path to discovering what works best for them.


Q: Why choose concentrates over flower?
A: You taste only the best parts of cannabis, without burnt plant materials or papers.

Q: Why choose Puffco load-your-own products vs. cartridges?
A: Cartridges dilute cannabis concentrates in order to pass through a wicking system, typically utilizing a distilled form of hash oil vs. the real deal. These dilutants can also contain hazardous chemicals or undesirable additives.

Q: Are concentrates too powerful for some users?
A: No, with Puffco products you are in control of how heavy you want to go.
Start with a small hit on the lowest heat setting, and work your way up.