What to do in Port Angeles while high or stoned

Port Angeles is a city and county seat of Clallam County, Washington, United States. With a population of 19,960, it is the largest city in the county. While there are hundreds of things you could do in Port Angeles, we have put together this list of things you can do in Port Angeles while stoned.

See the View at Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge offers one of the most dramatic Olympic National Park views with a 17-mile drive from the city. This scenic vista is a top spot for any visit to the park, let alone a must-do experience when visiting Port Angeles.

Paddle Off Ediz Hook

Ediz Hook is a three-mile, crescent-shaped sand spit extending from the Port Angeles shoreline. Also referred to as “the Spit” or “the Hook,” this unique landform offers easy adventures from the city. Ediz Hook Road extends along the spit for vehicle traffic. The recommended route is via bicycle or walking the improvised trail next to the roadway.

Day Trip to Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent, 20 miles west, is another crown jewel of Olympic National Park near Port Angeles. This incredibly deep and clear glacially carved lake is abundant with natural appeal.

A popular activity is picnicking at places like East Beach and Bovee’s Meadow, where swimming beaches are also available. Non-motorized boating is also a favorite way to experience Lake Crescent. Public boat docks are on either end of the lake.

Revel in the Rainforest

Of the many breathtaking landscapes in Olympic National Park, the mossy rainforests are perhaps the most magical. It’s like walking through a terrarium when visiting these dense regions. The many shades of green add to the parks’ palette and the reasons why Olympic is one of the best national parks in Washington.

Meet Native Sea Creatures at the Feiro Marine Life Center

Near the Olympic Coast Discovery Center on the waterfront, this fun place to visit offers up-close looks at native marine life. The Feiro Marine Life Center provides a wide array of aquariums and touch-tanks with seawater straight from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Visitors encounter sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, and other aquatic creatures at the Marine Life Center. The museum also has several exhibits detailing the diverse ecosystem found just offshore. 

Wander the Wild Washington Pacific Coast

With several dramatic landscapes to explore in the national park, the rugged western coast should be high on the list. Olympic protects over 70 miles of the most rugged coastline in the country. Jutting sea stacks, forested headlands, and a wild sense of exploration define much of the mesmerizing landscape.

Watch for Whales

Port Angeles is a prime spot for whale sightings. And not just a single species – humpback, orca, minke, and gray whales make appearances throughout the year. The city offers several ways to enjoy these remarkable wildlife sightings, including land-based viewing areas and guided tours.

Get Lost in Some Lavender in Sequim

The sunny city of Sequim sits 18 miles east of Port Angeles, easily accessible with a bike ride on the Olympic Discovery Trail. Sequim, pronounced “Squim,” has several scenic natural amenities to explore. But only one earns the city the title of “Lavender Capital of North America.”

Soak in Some Hot Springs

Among its many mystical atmospheres, Olympic National Park is also home to one of Washington’s best hot springs. Situated south of Lake Crescent, and an hour’s drive from Port Angeles, Sol Duc Hot Springs is well worth the day trip or overnight visit.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, a charming and rustic lodge operated by a concessionaire within the park, maintains the hot-water pools. The resort has three mineral hot soaking pools and one freshwater pool. The hot water is accessible to the public, not just guests, with the price of admission.

Art In Port Angeles

Port Angeles’s art scene is bursting with not only art murals and sculptures all over town, but more monthly and annual events that show off the artsy side of this small town. Stroll through downtown where you’ll find outdoor sculptures done by northwest artists for the Art on the Town program, and even art created by children called “Fish on the Fence” located along the waterfront near the Landing Mall. The Art on the Town program includes the “Avenue of the People”, a 15-piece outdoor sculpture exhibit that conveys a story of everyday life in a small town, by Bob Stokes — who is a popular artist that resides in Port Angeles.

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