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fire bros lemon slushee

Fire Bros Lemon Slushee Rainy Day bag – Review Charles B.

Probably my favorite item from Fire Bros is the Lemon Slushee Rainy Day bag. I feel like a baller on a budget, man. Nice sticky, shiny buds, with trichomes absolutely covering everything! When you open the bag, you must take a moment to appreciate the smell. A nice, rindy lemon with a pleasant sharpness at the end. I love how smooth it is on the intake and the way the citrus grows and develops as the draw continues. The calm centeredness of the high is my absolute favorite high for taking an easy, relaxing day with a few short nature hikes most likely happening.
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Black Magic Woman Disposable Vape Cart – Review by Elissa.

Live Resin

Grown In House

These carts are Fire just like it says in their name. I love how the flame glows when you take a rip. The terpenes on these are incredible. You can taste the Haze come thru. The high gives a good punch and an uplifting euphoria. The high is in your eyes, third eye activation for sure!

Everything I have had from Fire Bros is certified Fire!

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Fire Bros Jack Black – Review by Tyler

Jack Black from the Fire Bros Rainy Days line is a fantastic sativa cross between “Black Domina/jack Herer X Melonade/Mac” and has a strong lemon smell and flavor along with piney and slightly gassy undertones. Smokes smooth and burns great in a joint. A perfect strain to enjoy a bright summer day full of activity. Easily a new favorite!
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Lemon Slushee – Review by Nicholas.

The fire bros lemon slushee has a delightful lemony citrus flavor it has a very uplifting energetic high. I enjoy the lemon slushee for a nice morning sesh to get a lot done.