This is by far my favorite hot knife on the market right now. I have tried quite a few different brands and honestly none of them compare with the features included in this model. Not only does this baby have replaceable tips, ( I know right!!!!), but it also has a built-in flashlight (mind blown)! […]

Skagit Valley Organics RSO

Skagit Valley Organics RSO is my go-to maintenance choice. With packs coming in either single gram or three packs, stocking up for the month couldn’t be easier. Each morning, I’ll take about 50mg of the CBD and 50mg of CBG. The two together do an amazing job of controlling my joint and muscle inflammation. While […]

Micro Bars Review

Micro Bars dispos (disposable vapes) have their flavors on lock! The Orange Crush tastes just like the bubbly sugary drink, the Lemon Headz seriously tastes like you are pouring little candy droplets of smoke into your lungs! Pink Lychee tastes like a flavorful Hawaiian fruit and Strawberry Fields has a delicious strawberry cream flavor profile.I […]

Binske Soft Lozenges – Review by Charles


Binske Soft Lozenges Out on the go with my Binske soft lozenges. The sturdy metal container makes them easy to pack on a hike without getting crushed or taking up too much space. Dosing is so easy with the slide-off lid and all 10 edibles are accessible without individual wrapping making life more difficult. I […]

Fire Bros Product Reviews

fire bros

Fire Bros Lemon Slushee Rainy Day bag – Review Charles B. Probably my favorite item from Fire Bros is the Lemon Slushee Rainy Day bag. I feel like a baller on a budget, man. Nice sticky, shiny buds, with trichomes absolutely covering everything! When you open the bag, you must take a moment to appreciate […]

Lookah Swordfish Wax Pen

Lookah Swordfish Wax Pen Dab/Wax Electronic Pen Lookah Dab/Wax Electronic Pen is a nice and Compact Electronic Pen. Fits right in the palm of your hand. The top is on a hinge and easy to flip open and globber in some wax for some quick rips on the go. Ceramic Quartz, built-in loading tool and […]

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electronic Dab Pen/ Vape Battery Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is dope because you can either slap a cart on it or convert it into a dab pen. It also comes with a Hookah hose so you use it with your heady glass pieces at home. A good ole 3 in 1! […]

Mfused Dispo

Mfused Dispo Disposable Vape Cannabinoids and Terpenes profile (flavor profile): These babies are strain specific and full spectral so they can take care of all your terpene needs. Effects: Entourage effect. Benefits: Full Spectrum and Live Resin Carts are all around better for you and provide a better high. We always keep these well-stocked. They […]

Ghost train haze from Pacific NW Roots – Review by Tyler

Product: Ghost train haze from PNW Roots Kool Whip hash rosin Sativa concentrate Terpenes profile: Very tasty! A sweet tangie like diesel Effects: A fun uplifting buzz with giggles. Inspires creativity Related Strains: Point break or Tropicana cookies

Perfect Pair Rosin by Plaid Jacket – Review by Charles

This month I’m talking about Perfect Pair rosin by Plaid Jacket. First thing I noticed after taking the lid off is a strong scent of sweetness and almost chocolate candy. The rosin is firm, yet creamy with white streaks of shimmery opal. Cold starting yields a deep orange peel flavor that with the initial draw, […]