This is by far my favorite hot knife on the market right now. I have tried quite a few different brands and honestly none of them compare with the features included in this model. Not only does this baby have replaceable tips, ( I know right!!!!), but it also has a built-in flashlight (mind blown)! During the Summer, when I was camping, it was so dope to be able to do late-night dabs under the stars with the flashlight feature. Definitely recommend picking one of these babies up, they just launched a whole lineup with new colors. Go out and get you one!

FOCUS V brings you the hottest accessory to hit your collection. SABER is an all new electronic dab tool that offers industry leading features and ergonomics. The high capacity battery charges quickly via USB-C and provides plenty of power for extended use. Equipped with 3 Power levels, an LED spotlight which allows you to see every little detail, and interchangeable tips which heat up quickly, SABER’s intuitive one-button operation and multiple heating levels give you the control and freedom you expect from FOCUS V.

– Ergonomic Design
– USB-C Charging
– LED Spotlight
– 3 Power Levels
– Interchangeable Tips
– High-Capacity Battery
– Easy Operation

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