Skagit Valley Organics RSO

Skagit Valley Organics RSO is my go-to maintenance choice. With packs coming in either single gram or three packs, stocking up for the month couldn’t be easier. Each morning, I’ll take about 50mg of the CBD and 50mg of CBG. The two together do an amazing job of controlling my joint and muscle inflammation. While the CBG has the added bonus of putting me in a better mood all day. I can’t stress enough how pairing it with the anti-anxiety boost of CBD helps me through the day. Skagit Valley Organics RSO is the only RSO approved by the DOH for medical use in the state. Never any fillers, thinners or flavors; just pure, organically grown cannabis extracted with food-grade alcohol. There doesn’t exist a more effective or more pure RSO on the market. Try it and you will see the difference immediately!